Project Title: Build YouTube Scraping Tool

Project Description:
Create scraping tool to scrape channels (by keyword, influencers) and identify restaurant name + city.

Automate script for connection to restaurant (restaurant ID) in our database and using that data with longitude/latitude and cuisines (pizza, hamburger, Italian, ect) to display Youtube video on our aggregator.

Objective to create data links to aggregate videos based on mobile user (our app) geolocation by restaurant and/or cuisine.

See attachment for task details.

Key Words:
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Data Scraping Bots (Data Cleansing, Email Searching)
Artificial Intelligence (AI, deep learning, NLP)
Google Cloud Natural Language,

Let me know if you can build such a tool?

If yes, then please send me detail proposal for the same.

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