Project Title: Amazon Seller Scraping from

Project Description:

We are a consulting company for German, Austrian and Swiss Amazon FBA sellers. In order to gain new customers we currently research potential customers from

This is a really time-consuming task, and therefore we are looking for scraper who can research appropriate leads.

Because the leads we are searching have to match various criteria. Below is a small description of what we need.

I will give you further information as soon as we start working together.

At the moment we are opening a lot if different Seller Profiles
(for example

Every Seller Profile has to match various criteria for example the company address must be in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and there must be a telephone number in the profile.

As soon as these criteria are matched, we look at the products of the seller ( and the products must also fulfill some criteria (less than 40 products not more than 200’000 Euro Turnover / Month).

If these criteria are matched, the seller, his profile and all the needed data have to be transferred to a Google sheet and because we have already researched about 2500 leads, the tool should also check whether we already have this lead in our list or not.

This is a small description of what we are looking for.

I will send you a video with further instructions once we work together.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on