Project Title: Amazon Web Scraping

Project Description:

A Senior Developer is required – Web Scrapping, aws and non-relational databases for short project.

As a company business we would like to extract some product information from Amazon website and it has to be storage at DB cloud.

– It is mandatory to begin with root products by category.
a. We need a collection by category.
b. Subcategories: Create different DB inside the same collection.
c. We need scan only prime products using a VPN (Geo tag USA).
d. Any new product has to create a new register in the DB.

– Data Fields:
a. Product URL
b. Products Name
c. At least 6 pictures from each products, URL is mandatory
d. TAG price USD
e. Product Category
f. Main Product information
g. General Specification
h. Product Detail
i. ETA delivery (delivery time)
j. Product Scan date time

– Data Base:
a.Create a individual SKU for each product.
b.That SKU has to be searchable inside the data base.

The whole process can be re-launch at any time.

The DB can update and keep any change on record.
1. Job Update.
a. Daily.
b. DB has to keep recorded the last update in specif data field.
c. Update scanned products.
d. Scan new products assigning a consecutive SKU.
e. Update DB adding a new field if the product was update (price, qty, etc).
f. After running any update any product(s) is missing the DB has to create a data filed called ‘out of stock”.

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