Project Title: Build a Webscraper for Zillow

Project Description:

I need a web scraper for that is able to get all 40 properties per page. I have an old crawler but it no longer work because it is unable to scroll down and get all 40 items instead I am getting only 9 or 11 per page.

If you can make a crawler that will be easier for me to change the URL for the Zillow with a loop list and run, also it would either be able to solve capcha, or pause for a few seconds when captcha shows So I can solve the captcha.

Data Fields:
Property Name
Property Type
Property Price
Property Agent
Contact Details
Property Description
Latitude & Longitude
Property Images
Zip Code

Please let me know what tool you will use for this and if I will need a licence for it. What tool will you use and how will you deal with captcha.

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