Project Title: Build Instagram Follower + Email Scraper

Project Description:
I am looking for a programmer that can build a custom Instagram Scraper for me.

**The Tool needs to be able to:**

1) Scrape a list of followers from a seed list of @usernames
2) Scrape the followers for email addresses in their bio
3) Output the email list
4) It should be able to run several accounts/scrapes at once, each account assigned to a different proxy IP address

This process should be automatic from the time I input the seed list of usernames i.e. click a button and wait for the email list to be exported.


Example: Let’s say I need to scrape 14 @users for their followers.

The Tool should use 14 accounts from a list we’ve input into the Tool (we will buy insta account lists for this) and assign each account to the task of scraping each of the @users I’ve input.

Following this, the Tool should automatically take the list of followers that were scraped (in this example, let’s say 30,000 followers were scraped from 14 @users) and then begin the process of scraping the 30,000 followers list for email addresses.

The 30,000 followers should be automatically divided into several lists, with different Instagram account scraping them at once.

Each account assigned to a different proxy IP address (I’ll provide access to the proxy IP service)

Let me know specifically what you will charge to build this and how long it will take.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on