Project Title: Data extraction from Historical Maps

Project Description:

I am working on fully digitalizing the data on historical maps.

This entails

– A georeferenced a historical map, with skew and distortion removed and lines from the paper sheets removed, with all sheet joined together

– Roads, railroads and other key pieces of geography and infrastructure vectorized

– Human settlements vectorized

– Pull all map metadata into POSTgresql

The end product:

I am hoping to build a database of historical maps and their data.

I want to use it in two ways.

– First, using the map data alone I want to be able to do things like tracking the pattern of human settlement over time.

– Second, I want to use as a reference for other material so I can do things like reconciled historical place names found in documents for both

spellings (since both maps and written records are in a variety of European languages like French, Dutch, German, English and Portuguese) and

renamed settlements (to match historical settlements to current settlements which have undergone a name change).

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