Project Title: Data Scraping from Negative Feedback Site HolySmoke

Project Description: is a complaint website which allows for consumers to leave reviews for various services.

Our objectives are the following:

Go through every post on this website and….

1. Extract the first and last name(s) of the person(s) being targeted (in two different fields) such as the owner.

(Example, First name: John Last Name: Doe, First Name: Pete Last Name: Black)

2. Extract the name of that person’s company (Example, Company: John & Pete Co.)

3. Extract the website of that company, if it exists. (Example, Website:

4. Extract any email. (Example, eMail:,

These entries and then put into a spreadsheet and organized according to the mentioned fields,

First Name 1
Last Name 1
First Name 2
Last Name 2
eMail 1
eMail 2

as an example for column headers where there are two contacts found.

I am not interested in the data of those complaining, the job is the data on those being complained about on this site.

Please reach out with interest and proposal.

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