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Today unstructured data is produced across the different organizations; this unstructured data is multiplying at a swift pace than the pace at which it is used. It is not possible for a human to physically surf through, understand data, scrape data from website and extract intelligence from the unstructured data and converse them transversely on various channels. You can use computers to access and read through this data, however for computers, fetching quality data insights is not actually possible.

Why unstructured data is a locked treasure!

All the information that is messed up or spread across files, platforms, is unstructured for a computer. This unstructured data can be present in documents, emails, social media posts, voice emails, message boards, forums to name a few. When valuable data is spotted across various mediums and across diverse platforms, it is a locked treasure, and cannot be used efficiently to drive business growth.

Here is the information that can be unlocked by scraping or extracting relevant data from multiple platforms and displaying it in a structured format:

  • Data insights which businesses need for preparing strategies
  • Data to track market response and competitor actions
  • Latest news updates that are related to your business
  • Monitoring of customer feedback, prospect behaviour and grievances
  • Social media insights to enhance business through social listening
  • Contact information of prospects and partners in the marketplaces


How web data extraction services deal with data

Manual processing of data to scrape data from website does happen unconditionally, however it is not scalable for massive data volumes. Web data extraction needs to be dealt with this effectively to add to the value of this unstructured data.

Extracting data into a structured format with data collection services assists resources collectively and connects people to build knowledge base. The web data scraping services to from an unstructured data can be done for prospects information, their addresses, contact numbers and emails to name a few. It can be also done to extract the insights into customer behaviour, to monitor competitor strategies, fetch product prices, and scrape information about products.

How is data extracted from websites?

Web data extraction is an automated procedure using which data can be crawled and applicable information is regained from different data sources like social media websites, competitor portals, commerce websites, blogs, business websites, pricing and product comparison portals and numerous such locations.

How data extraction meets data intelligence

Precise data extraction software or data extraction services can provide you a combination of data to enable you to get data intelligence and analytics across platforms. When this unstructured data is assembled, studied and displayed in a visual manner to discover the hidden patterns and not known co-relations, it can be utilized to take well-versed and hence improved decisions.

The prospective of custom data extraction services and analytics lies in its capacity to solve issues related to your business functions and hence help you expand your business scope and opportunities. To get the best out of your web data extraction software, that assist your transform data into key insights, it is essential to form your questions on a form and set what and from where the required data needs to be extracted.

Web Data Extraction Software

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