Project Title: Extract All General Medicine Doctors from the

Project Description:

We need a list of all general medicine doctors from the web page.

Here is what we need.

Here is the main page =>

To get a list of doctors you have to choose ASL category and click the search button. Results will appear on the right.

I need doctors from each ASL category, to get doctor’s data you have to click the detail button.

Here is what I need for each doctor that will appear on the right side:
Name of Doctor
Surname of Doctor
1st Facility Address
1st Facility Phone Number
2nd Facility Phone Number

The doctor might have more than one facility on its profile.

If there are more facilities please collect their data in the next spreadsheet columns, but keep order as for the first facility (facility address in first column and phone number(s) in second column).

There should be a few thousand doctors on this page.

Data of all doctors has to be collected in an Excel spreadsheet.

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