Project Title:Extract All Recipes Data from Monsieur-Cuisine

Project Description:
I would like to extract all recipes (~1200 items) data from Monsieur Cuisine Connect website

What I need the most is to scrap Polish version of recipes, but if you can do the same for all translations in the same, or a little higher budget it would be great.

Here are details of what I need on EN, to be easier for communication 🙂

There is search page, that contains all recipes: – here is a list of all recipes that should be scrapped.
if you click on any, you have details, like:

Time (ready)
Time (cooking)
Created at
Photo url
Nutritions (array): calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat
Ingridients (array), if possible also to separatate numbers, to something like{“text”:”2 onions (130g)”, “number”: 2, “ingridient: “onions”, “weight”: “130g”}
Instructions (array)

what I need is basically all above mentioned data, to be more precise – please check attached document for detail requirement.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on