Project Title: Extract Australian Business Details from Hotfrog

Project Description:

Please look at this link:

It is the search result from a business directory.

I want you to build a simple, easy-to-use spider/scraper to scrape the records from that directory.

I’d like to be able to just give it the starting URL, like

then it goes and gets all the contact details for each member listed.

It will need to click on the member Title link at the top of their listing to go to the member profile page because the fax number is only on that profile page, not in the main results.

Save the results to a CSV file (tab-delimited) with these details:

Business Name
Website URL
Email Address

At the bottom of the search results is the links that show you are on page 1, and the scraper needs to automatically go to page 2, then page 3, etc.

If you can create a spider/scraper to successfully do this job, please let me know the price to buy it from you and run it on my system.

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