Project Title: Extract Companies Data from Zoominfo

Project Description:
Looking for someone to extract companies data from

For each company, identify up to 2 people at the company.

For each person, provide the following information in a tab of the Excel file:

Information about the person’s company that must be included for every person
– Company name (exclude Ltd, LLC, Inc, and words like that)
– Website URL
– Category (which can either be Target HR or Target Banks)
– Why the company fits the selected Category
– Annual revenue
– Number of employees

Information about the person
– Person First Name
– Person Last Name
– Title
– State (if US) or country (if not US) of location
– Time zone of person’s location, relative to GMT (Use +5 instead of GMT +5)
– Email address from ZoomInfo
– Phone number from ZoomInfo, direct if available
– LinkedIn profile

All people must meet the following criteria:
-Focus on marketing, revenue, or growth, based on their title
-Their title excludes the word “Sales”
-Their title includes one of the following:
Vice President

The two people you identify should be the senior-most people who meet the above criteria at their company.

Do you have a Zoominfo Premium account? Please attach the screenshot of your Zoominfo account along with your proposal.

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