Project Title: Extract Company Information from

Project Description:

I need you to scrape this website:

I will give you a list of company numbers, you have to loop over this list and get the information from the website of each company number.

Screenshot 1 shows you the home page with the search bar. Here you can search by company number.

I will provide the company numbers that you have to scrape (more than 100.000).

Screenshot 2 shows you the result page.

I need Information for each company in Excel files.

The scraper has to be written in any language, and I have to be able to execute it on my computer.

You are however responsible for the first sweep.

Excel file of all the company numbers is the goal of this first assignment.

Later it might be that we continue, in that case I will ask you to process the Excel files.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on