Project Title: Extract Dentists in Canada from

Project Description:

I am hoping to hire someone to assist with web scraping and data mining. I want to collect contact list of dentists in canada.

Visit the website below:

Further down the page you will see the title “Dentists in Canada (Local List) and links for all provinces: (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario…etc)

When you click the Alberta page, for example ( it will show you all of the cities in Alberta. When you click on one of the cities, it will show you all of the dentists in that city.

I am hoping to get ALL of the dentists address, phone number, website etc. in ALL cities and provinces in all of Canada into a spreadsheet AND where a website is available, I would like you to source the dentist name(s) and any email.

Please share us your sample work and quote rate and required time for it.

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