Project Title: Extract Industry Data from NAATP

Project Description:
I need to scrape the details pages of the directory listing section of a website.

Here is listing page 1 of many:

It looks like there are 957 records in total. Here are some sample detail pages:

I need to get all of the fields and data from all of the 957 records in a table format. So, the header fields will start with :
Company Name,
Mailing Address,
CEO Email,
CEO Phone, and the way through to Number of Beds, Payment Assistance Available, Type of Payment Assistance, Licensed.. with all fields in between, all populated with the detail data.

(NOTE: get the data for ‘Company Name’ and ‘Accredited’ above from the top of the page)

The final output I need is a spreadsheet with all the records in rows with a header row of field names as described above.

Before your scrape the whole directory, I’ll ask you to send a sample scrape of a few records to make sure you’re capturing all the data I need.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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