Project Title: Extract Inventory Data from Extremedimensions

Project Description:

I would like to get a tool that allow me to scrap data from this website:

The requirements:
– I need a tool that I can run frequently (once a week) to scrap the inventory of the parts on this website.
– The tool can be setup on my dedicated server and schedule it to run using.
– The outcome will be in excel or csv (similar to attached file).
– The tool need to be fast as this website has about 8000 different parts.

I do have a list of all the part numbers on this website, if that will help you to make it faster.

One idea is to develop the tool with multiple steps,
Step 1 will be to load the part numbers in the tool.
Step 2 generate a list of URLs for all the part numbers.
Step 3 crawl the website based on the URLs and collect the Inventory and Stocking Date.
Step 4 Create final list of excel that has the part number, inventory and stocking date.

If you want to use my idea above, I will only need to run the option to generate URLs once in a while because the urls on the website don’t change a lot but they do change frequently.

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