Project Title: Extract Jobseekers Profile from Onlinejobs

Project Description:
I’m looking for someone to extract individual profile pages of Jobseekers from here:

The code should loop through the search results pages, to then go into each individual profile on each search result page, then save the data into MySQL collection; and once this is done, move on to the next search results page.

Please take into account throttling so as not to trigger in red flags, etc.

Following Data needs to be collected:
Profile URL
Profile ID
Profile Picture
Expected Salary
Basic Information
Skill Summary
Workers skill

We are just looking for the code, which we can run, that will then result in us being able to do data analysis on the returned metrics for each profile.

Again, we are looking for the code, and will be inspecting/checking functionality prior to job completion.

Ideally you have done this before and just need to modify some existing code vs writing from scratch.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on