Project Title: Extract List of Churches

Project Description:

Build a list of 1000 churches from

1) Search by ‘churches’ and the attached zip codes, sort by distance.

2) Following data needs to be extract:

Church name,
Church email (many times on the ’email business’ link in profile),
Contact name,
Contact email,
Full address,
Website and
Phone number.

3) If no website, search Google for website.

4) If the website link on profile goes to their facebook page, check facebook page for their website and enter that in, not their facebook page.

5) Check to make sure that on the website it has the same address and exact same name as yellowpages, if not the website on yellowpages is the main churches website and not specific to that church locations, if its not the same then go to/do #3.

6) We must have a contact name and contact email for every church, as does not have that. So, search their website for: Sr. (Senior) Pastor’s Name and email address and add that to the spreadsheet.

7) If can’t find Sr. Pastor contact name and email on website (sometimes there is an icon that says ‘send business email’ in the Yellowpages profile, then click on that and put that email on spreadsheet as ‘general church email’.

8) Bonus will be given if 85% of the emails are deliverable.

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