Project Title: Extract Property Data Monthly from

Project Description:
I wish to get some data from

The data is needed for numerous postcodes of Melbourne.

Details are as below.

1. Data of Sold properties of number of postcodes.
2. Ranging from last 60 days.

Need the following information
1. Date of Sale
2. Address of property including Street Name, Suburb, State, Postcode
3. House Type ( Land, House, Unit, Apartment etc)

Either you can make me a software that I can extract this information myself, or you can make a software yourself, and extract me this information every month.

I will give you a detailed list of all suburbs I need, for eg 3088, 3083, 3072, 3061, 3030, etc.

In the search bar you can input multiple postcodes to get data of all those postcodes.

I need this done as soon as possible, please offer me only if you can do this.

You may want to try this site and see how it works before confirming you can do it.

Best if you can actually extract some data of some postcodes for last 60 days and send me as sample.

I need the data in excel format with the following information

Date of Sale ,
House Number,
Street Name ,
Suburb ,

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