Project Title: Extract Quotes from GoodReads

Project Description:

I am looking to extract some data from Good Reads.

You can see below spreadsheet, I would like the quotes pulled for book titles.

I have shown an example of a book ( Old Men & the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway ).

Example URL:

We would have to pull all the book titles that have quotes on Good Reads.

Also for the same title, some data has to be pulled from Amazon as well like genre, publishing date, primary category & secondary category.

Also, the Excel sheet has the top 10,000 titles from GoodReads & need to pull the quotes associated with those titles.

Also, we need to set up a system where we pull quotes for new titles that are being added to Good Reads every day.

This can be a phase 2 project but we can set up the system now.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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