Project Title: Extract Restaurant Data from Seattlerefined

Project Description:
I would love if you could scrape data from a website for me.

Here’s the website:

For each of the restaurant, first check to see if they are selling gift cards.

If they do, then proceed with the following:

On a spreadsheet, have a column for each of the following items:

Name of restaurant,
Url of website,
Url of gift card website,
Phone number,
Email address

Here’s an example (first one of the website):

Name: Anthony’s Cabana
Location: Anacortes
Gift Card (yes):
Phone: 360-588-0333
Email: N/A

Not every information will be available.

The most important is if they have a gift card website. And their email information.

The phone number and location is not as important if you can’t find it.

*if they don’t have gift cards option, you can skip it.

You can scrape this data using a script.

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