Project Title:German Companies Scraping from Europages

Project Description:
I am looking for someone to scrape the following website:

From this website, I am looking for all the German companies regarding the following sectors:

-Vegetables, edible roots, and tubers
-Fruits and vegetables – import-export
-Dried fruits
-Juices, fruit, and vegetable
-Fruit preserves and jams
-Foods, precooked and gourmet
-Fruit, frozen and deep-frozen
-Frozen and deep-frozen foods
-Fruits, dried
-Citrus fruits
-Fruit preserves

The information I am looking for:

– Company Name
– Contact phone
– Email address (if possible)
– Link website
– Location of the company based in Germany.
– Size of company (in terms of employees), headcount
– Keywords associate to the company (e.g. fruit import & export)

Specifically, I am interested in any company in the sector of the fruits and vegetables.

Please let me know whether you think you will be able to complete these scrapes.

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