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The healthcare department is one of the widely growing sectors & every individual wish, to get the best hospital, doctor & services for their treatment. Besides, the health care service providers also face a lot of competition in their field. The solution for both the issues is the healthcare data scraping services.

Scrape Doctors, Chiropractor & Dentist List

Many users are searching for scraping data from the doctor’s websites in order to deal with all types of the medical emergencies. The data can be easily extracted by taking our data scraping services. The information associated with the doctors like doctor name, clinic address, contact number, specialist, etc. can be easily scraped.

And, if you have any requirements related to any types of data associated with a doctor or healthcare service provider you can approach the LogicWis Data Scraping Services. We provide the premium quality healthcare Directory Data Scraping Services that also at a reasonable price. Our company has a great experience in providing the Data Scraping Services & we served hundreds of clients across the country. The Right Service from Right Organization provides Right Results for your business.

Healthcare Directory Websites Data Fields 

Doctor Name

Hospital Name








Email id

Zip Code


Review & Rating

Website URL

Healthcare Data Scraping Services
We gather the information from numerous sources that includes the thousands of websites, medical directory & apps. These services are used by the millions of professional & consumers worldwide in order to find information about the medical facilities, hospitals, medical treatment, medical equipment, drugs, latest treatment & trend which show how any medical product is used, accepted, rejected or used in different locations.

Pharmacy Data

Hospital, Clinics Location, Emergency Room

Drug Development Data

Health plan enrollment for providers & hospitals

Hospital Data

Healthcare data which promote public health research

Drug Price

Job data to the development plan

Doctor and Dentists Data

Optimize insurance model

Assist new drug research

Medical Equipment Types & Supplies

List of Healthcare Database List 

At, LogicWis we provide you 99.99% accurate data which is collected from wide database sources. Our security policy & term is also safe no misuse of the patient private data is done. And, if you outsource this service you can save 30 to 45 % operating cost on the projects. Our team is 24×7, available for providing you complete assistance.

Whenever it comes to provide the best solution to the client as per their requirement the professional provider can provide the perfect solution for their requirements. As, we have many projects handled as per the client requirement & we can handle their project too without any problem. By taking solution from the expert, we analyse important aspects of the wide number of resources which helps to you to get the proper business insight.

  • List of Healthcare Industry List
  • Healthcare Professional List
  • Healthcare Consultants Data List
  • Radiology Executives Data List
  • Healthcare/ Medical or Medical Industry Professionals
  • Healthcare Decision Makers’ Email List Scraping
  • Healthcare Email Lists
  • Healthcare Executives’ Email List
  • Medical and Healthcare Industry Data List Scraping
  • Physicians’ Database and Scrape Doctors Database Scraping
  • Nurses, Physicians, and Hospital Administrators’ Email List Scraping
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Providers Email and Health Care Industries List Scraping
  • Doctors, Dentist Data Scraping, & Data Scrape for Hospitals Scraping

List of Different Healthcare Website Directory

At LogicWis, we can scrape the following Healthcare Directory Websites:


No matter whether you are a health care service provider or the health insurance service providers. LogicWis provide the best healthcare scraping service which has great accuracy, totally confidential, on time delivery, & also available at the exclusive price. By using these services, the clinics, hospitals, professional supports can provide best treatment & practice to the patients. The healthcare insurance providers can easily detect the frauds in order to prevent the insurance benefits exploitation.

Lots of people desired to get the perfect healthcare data like hospital as well as the health professionals for their requirement which can be easily scraped using the Healthcare Directory Website Scraping Service. This data is kept handy for the business user & the patients which, they needed for their personal requirement. We also processed several image data & provide the desired output to the clients which is then, used for the different purposes.

Feel free to approach us if have any requirements related to Doctor Directory Data Scraping Services & other scraping services. The perfect solution for your requirement would be relevantly provided by the LogicWis.