Project Title: Instagram Profile Scrapper

Project Description:
I need 228 Instagram profiles scraped.

I have a Excel sheet with all the profiles list, I’ll share it with you.

I need links to the top 3 posts (based on likes, if this is not possible due to Instagram hiding the likes feature then do based on comments) from each of the 228 accounts in a Excel sheet with the name of the Instagram account that each post is from next to each post link.

Also, I need to scrape other data from Instagram.

Data needs to be scrape would be:
– Instagram ID
– Followings
– Followers
– Average likes (I will give you a tool to calculate this automatically)
– Amount of likes for most popular photos
– Post URL
– Post Content
– Images from the Post
– Number of likes
– Number of Shares
– Number of comments

I need all the data to be collected in Excel Spreadsheet.

Let me know if you can build scraper or script for the task?

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