Project Title : Lead Generation for Meal Preparation Companies in US

Project Description :

We are developing an all-in-one platform for the meal preparation sector.
A meal prep (preparation) company is a business that cooks meals, packages them and delivers the meals to consumers. They do not typically have a store front or restaurant.

This project is to gather specific data points on all Meal Preparation Companies.

The industry today is comprised of 1000s of independently owned and operated business in the US. Most Meal Preparation Operators have 1-6 employees, they usually do not have a store front, they work from a rented or shared kitchen, and have been in business for 1-5 yrs.

Some Examples of Meal Prep (Preparation) Companies are :

Data points collect in Excel file :
1. Company Name
2. Phone number
3. Email Address
4. Website
5. City and State
6. Contact Person’s First and Last Name

Bonus will be paid for personal email, social media handles, and personal phone numbers.

More detailed instructions will be given before project begins.

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