Project Title: Product Price Monitoring and Scraping daily from Australia Google Shopping

Project Description:
We want to daily Scrape and monitor various products prices on Google Shopping.

We will supply a file of model numbers to scrape, you have to search for model# on Google Shopping for location “Australia”.

You have to daily get the prices of different sellers for those products.

Supply a sheet with the websites that show in shopping results with the following information :
– Product Title
– Model#
– Seller1 Name
– Seller1 Basic Price
– Seller 1 Total Price
– Seller 1 Website
– Seller 1 Rating
– Seller 1 Descriptin and Offers

As mentioned above for seller1, you have to get the details of all sellers that are selling that particular item by naming them as Seller2, Seller3, and so on.

Do the same every day and save the results in a csv or excel file.

Is it possible for you? We are looking for a skilled scraper who have already successfully done that without getting banned by google shopping.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on