Project Title: Real Estate Web Scraper to Excel

Project Description:

I am looking for a developer to build a scraper for real estate listings.

The object is to create a scraper that will pull new real estate listings in a given area based on either the area code or City, State combo, and aggregate the information on a spreadsheet.

The scraper should include a filter section that allows the user to screen based on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, year built, etc.

Example website: or

Once the new listings are scraped and aggregated into excel, based on the addresses pulled, the script should be able to find data on that home(s) from their respective county website and aggregate the data in the same spreadsheet.

It will have to pull from multiple county websites based on zip code and be able to decide which county website is appropriate.

The output of the sheet should be similar, but not identical to “Sample Output”, but there will be additional rows for each new real estate listing scraped.

Finally, the scraper should be able to use excel files as inputs for City, State and Zip Code, as well as filter fields, i.e. bedrooms, baths, sq footage, year build, etc.

The scraper should be able to produce 1 excel file, similar to the above described and attached “Sample Output” per row of the above described and attached “Sample Input”.

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