Project Title: Restaurant Data Scraping from

Project Description:

I’m looking for someone who can scrape Restaurants data from directory

The hierarchy (paging) and profiles are very simple. It’s about 35000 listings from a few categories.

Category example:

Listing example:

From the listing detail I need:
Listing url
Restaurant Name
Website url
Phone Numbers (sometimes there is more than 1)
Links to social media profiles
E-mail address
Name of all subcategories (that’s under title “Kategorie” and one listing can have multiple subcategories).

It might sound complicated but the directory and the listing profiles are very simple.

There probably is some kind of protection against scraping. I think that if one ip address visits around 120 pages too quickly a captcha is shown.

The output should be csv file.

I need this to be done in a few days.

Please let me know how much time would it take you, how much you would charge and what tech you would use.

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