Project Title: Scrape Amazon Customer Reviews

Project Description:
I’d like to find Amazon customer reviews that include specific keywords such as “counterfeit” or “donkey” – whatever is needed.

I’m going to build a simple web app (see attached a mockup) that will let users specify the below search parameters and then see the results in a table:

Search parameters:
1. Search level: Either a category or a brand name
2. Keywords, separated by a comma and using same search operators as google (if you can find a library to make that work)
3. The maximum number of listings to check (100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, or 5000)
4.”Randomize searches” option as either Yes or No
The “randomize searches” option will tell the script not to scan brands, sellers, or products in a linear order because scanning in order will produce unreliable sample data.

I need an experienced data mining expert to write the scripts/ build a tool.

Your scripts will search Amazon reviews according to the user’s search parameters and then send the results to our MySQL database.

Fields for each database record will be:
Product URL
Product Category
Product SubCategory1
Product SubSubCategory2
Product Title
Brand name
Brand name link
StoreFront name
Storefront link

All review text (separated by some special characters like **// that will make parsing easier later)

Thanks for your time and best of luck in your application!

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