Project Title: Scrape Assistant Staffing Companies

Project Description:
Write a script to scrape a list of 3,000 executive assistant staffing companies (staffing companies who hire executive assistants out to other companies – e.g., etc) with the following data points:

– Company name
– Website
– Size of company
– Founder / manager / CEO name
– Founder / manager / CEO email address

You would also need to figure out where you would find the data and how to scrape it, and how to filter the data so that we only have staffing companies that work with hiring ‘assistants’, not other roles such as ‘developers’, ‘designers’, or anything else (see the two links that I provided above for examples).

Ideally from within the US, but if there isn’t 3,000 executive assistant staffing companies in the US, then you can also scrape data on other companies such as UK, Australia, Canada.

This is urgently and needs to be 100% completed in 24 hrs.

PLEASE let me know where you would actually get the data from, and what process you would use?

Thank you 🙂

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