Project Title: Scrape Business Information from Yelp

Project Description:

We’re looking for someone to do the following:

1) Scrape Yelp for 15 different keywords across 300+ different cities (a total of 4500+ keyword/city searches; e.g. one search would be “coffee shops” in “Santa Monica, CA”)
2) Use the Business URL from the scrape (e.g. to scrape business emails on their website (e.g.,, and
3) Repeat for all 4500+ keyword/city combos

Extract the following details from a business listing page from Yelp:
Business Name
Number of Reviews
Price Range
Business URL

In your message to us, please attach an excel file that shows that you know how to do this properly (we were doing it internally, but it was taking too long). In this example file, please do the task for the 3 keywords “coffee shops”, “fitness”, and “grocery” for the locations “Santa Monica, CA” and “Beverly Hills, CA”

We want you to provide us a good price for this task and send a sample along with me.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on