Project Title: Scrape Classes at 25 Universities

Project Description:

Please see a list of links for the course directories at each school in the attached excel file.

For Classes (example is the first course at Appalachian State University):

1. For each listed course:

a. Collect the course title “ACC 2100 – Principles of Accounting I”

b. Collect the course code “ACC 2100” from the course title

c. Collect the course name “Principles of Accounting I” from the course title

d. Collect the course description: “The initial course in the theory and practice of financial accounting. Topics emphasized include the preparation,

reporting, and analysis of financial data..”

Class Deliverable:

-Excel files with 4 columns that is populated with each course in every subject.

and description

Please look at the attached sample output as a reference.

I am looking to create one excel file for each university, meaning that there should be 25 excel output files.

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