Project Title: Scrape Data from FCA Website

Project Description:

We’re looking to scrape data from the FCA Website.

There are roughly 5850 advisory firms in the UK and about 34,500 individual advisors who work for these 5850 firms.

We are looking to extract a list of each of the 5850 companies (company name, telephone number, website) and ideally the number of individual advisors who work for those firms.

If possible, we’d like to extract a separate list of the individual advisers showing the company name, first name, surname, contact telephone number and contact email address.

We require both of these lists to be in Excel format so we can import the lists to our CRM.

We use the following site: (only the ‘investments’ and ‘pensions’ boxes should be ticked, i.e. not ‘mortgages’)

Is this possible? It’s only firms who can advise on pensions and investments we’re interested in (not mortgages)!

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on