Project Title: Scrape for Restaurant Menu data from Grubhub

Project Description:

We have identified 14,800 restaurant records in Georgia, USA.

(The data set includes fast food chains. ie; McDonald, Wendy’s, etc.)

I am looking to acquire the menu data through Grubhub, similar data source, or from the restaurants individual website.

Note; We have tried yelp but the data is not reliable at this time.

:: Assumptions ::
There will be a large portion of the 14,800 that do not have menus available at Grubhub.

If not available, and if the individual restaurant has a website, the menu must be searched on their individual web page.

These must be indicated and we will pivot the final data to see the result.

We are expecting to have at least 65% – 70%+ of restaurant menu data captured.


Data must be delivered in excel format.

Data needs to contain the following but not limited to:

– Restaurant Name
– Address
– Data source (ie; grubhub, individual website, or something else; indicate where)
– Source link (where the menu data was found)
– Category (ie; Appetizer, Soups & Salad, Lunch, Lunch Only, Dinner, Dessert, Drinks, etc)
*for menu items available only during certain time, please indicate the time available.
– Menu item name
– Item description if available
– Other modifiers if available (ie; substitute for XYZ for +$2.00)
– Other misc notes if found for item
– Price

:: Other Notes ::
We are open to suggestions on how to best capture the data and willing to work with you on completing the project.

Depending on the suggestions, the deliverable may or may not change.

However, the final result is to capture the Menu data of each restaurant.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on