Project Title: Scrape Google Maps Polygon Data

Project Description:


The outcome of this project is to have a simple interactive Google Map that shows fibre internet coverage in South Africa.

There are several Fibre providers, and there are areas that are “Live”, “In Progress” or “Coming Soon/Planned”.

The solution will allow users to answer the question: What fibre coverage stage, per Fibre provider, for a given location.

Getting the data:

The data is publicly available on several different websites in Google Maps but this information may need to be scraped (periodically) and imported. It will also need to be unified. I want polygon data with the three different stages. No need for pins.

Source date:

Fibre Operator A: (I can supply KML file)

Fibre Operator B:

Fibre Operator C:

Fibre Operator D:

Fibre Operator E: (I can supply KML file)


No styling or design is required. This will be done by myself. What I need is the scraped data.

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