Project Title: Scrape Information from

Project Description:

I need someone to make me a scraper for the website

This scraper will scrape market value and other data for all players available and export it into a csv file (or xlm if necessary).

Since there’s a huge amount of players worldwide, I’m open to ideas on how to store this data. Having all players in one spreadsheet would be best, but maybe that’s not possible due to the amount of data we would collect.

Once all data is collected I’d like the ability to run the scraper every week or so and record any new updates on player values.

Here’s an example of how I want the spreadsheet to look. This is data for just one player, his market value from the first time he appeared on the website up until today.

The placement of the columns might be changed.

An example for one player, Javier Loaiza in cell AI1259. Looking at this page we can see that his value at the time of this game (30/12/2017) was $220,000.

So I’d like to use something like a VLOOKUP formula to search for his name and the date of the game in the master database to come up with the result of $220,000.

Let me know how can we avoid getting IP banned for too many requests?

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