Project Title: Scrape List of Doctors from Google

Project Description:

I need you to find me every low income dentist in the state of Ohio.

It needs to be in an excel format.

I need a list of low income dentists in the state of Ohio.

Here are the keywords you can search google to find this data or any other resource you find easy to use, here’s the keywords you need to use on google:

– low income dentists near (zip code)
– dentists that except medicaid near (zip code)
– cheap dentists near (zip code)
– affordable dental near (zip code)

On the excel I need:
The Doctors Office’s Name
The Doctors First name,
The Doctors Last name,
The Dentist Office address,
The Dentist Office’s city
The Dentist Office’s zip code.

I need every low income dentists for all the zip codes in Ohio, which I will provide.

Here is the list of example zip codes:

It would be better if you send a sample.

Kindly let us know the best quote to get started with the project.

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