Project Title: Scrape Multiple Twitter Accounts’ Followers

Project Description:

I have a list of ~100 twitter accounts and I need the following,

1. Scrape the twitter followers of these 100 accounts

2. Add the results in a .csv file with columns :

Profile URL,
Follower count,
Tweet count,
Following count,
Accounts url from where it’s been scrapped.

3. Add the number of times each “profileURL” entry is appearing on the document in a column (for me to see if some users are following multiple twitter accounts from my list). Send me that file named “PROJECT_1_OCCURENCES.CSV”

4. Deduplicate the “PROJECT_1_OCCURENCES.CSV” file according to the column “profileURL”. Send me that file named “PROJECT_1_DEDUPLICATED.CSV”

Let me know if you can do it?


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