Project Title: Scrape Online Car Listing from AutoScout24

Project Description:

I’m looking for assistance regarding scrapper creation.

I am in the need of creating automatic scrapers, which would go through EU based used car listing
websites such as:

We need to continuously extract (and automatically update based on inventory changes) all their
electric and hybrid vehicle listings information such as, but not limited to:

Car Images,
SEO data,
Year made,
Dealer name,
Dealer location,
Dealer email and a link to the original listing webpage etc…
(Some additional information needed to be extracted is in the screenshots attached).

This information would then have to be automatically inputed into my websites database.

Please tell me price for building automatic scraper?

I would first need to see a couple (3-5) free samples of the scrappers you are able to create, just to
make sure, the quality of work is up to our standards.

Looking forward to your reply.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on