Project Title: Scrape Part Catalog from RockAuto

Project Description:
1. Go to

2. There are 4 tabs in the upper left corner:

2.1. Part Catalog
2.2. Part Number Search
2.3. Tools and Universal Parts
2.4. Cart

3. We’re only interested in “Part Catalog”

4. This part catalog is an expandable tree. Let’s look at example on the lowest level:

AUDI > 1999 > A4 > 1.8L L4 Turbocharged > Suspension > Control Arm

At this level, the following data fields are listed; in parentheses the actual values:
Brand name (SKP),
brand product number (SRK90699),
Description (Complete Arm w/ Ball Joint),
Position (Front Left Upper Rearward),
car model (A4 Base Model),
VIN (Thru VIN X199999),
several pictures,

5. Sometimes, there are more than one description, car mode, and VIN (see ÜRO PARTS 8E0407505A for example)

6. Often, but not always, there are additional OE numbers when one clicks on the blue “Info” box. For example, click on the blue info box ÜRO PARTS 8E0407505A, and the following additional OE numbers are listed: “4Z7407505, 4Z7407505A, 8D0407505B, 8D0407505F, 8D0407505H, 8D0407505K, 8D0412373, 8D0412373C, 8D0412373F, 8D0412373G, 8D0412373K, 8D0412373P,
8D0412374, 8D0412374C, 8D0412374F, 8D0412374G, 8E0412373, 8E0412373B, 8E0412373C”

-> We need the above data fields listed in “4.”, “5.” and the additional OE numbers listed behind the blue “Info” box button as described in “6.”, and the pictures saved with the brand name and part number as the file name, e.g. SKP_SRK90699_1.png, SKP_SRK90699_2.png, etc.

The tree structure of the data should be preserved as additional columns on the csv/ xls sheet output.

Therefore: Final deliverable are
1. One csv/xls file, and
2. A folder with pictures.

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