Project Title: Scrape Product Prices from

Project Description:

Looking for someone to extract product prices from below website:

Website link:

I have attached the link and the sample of how I want it to be.

There is a total of 12 categories on the website.

I want you to exclude the category-“grocery” and scrape 450 products from each category.

That will be a total of around 5000 products from the website.

You have to scrape: Title, Body (HTML), Vendor, Image Src, All Option Name, ALl Option Value, Variant Price, Variant Compare At Price

I want all the variants and 5 images per product.

For the “Handle” column, leave it blank for now, I will tell you later on what to do about it.

For the “Body (HTML) column, I need the HTML code of the description/product details that you will find on the product page.

In the sample, the “Variant Price” column is the selling price, and the “Variant Compare At Price” column is the original price.

“Option Name” column is the attribute, like color, or size. And, the “Option Value” column is the attribute value, like red, green, yellow; or, S, M, L, XL, etc…

Send your price and how long will it take you to complete the entire project.

If you have any other questions, Let me know.

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