Project Title: Scrape Property Listing from

Project Description:

I need a script that scrapes listings off of (using threading) and writes to a MySQL database.

There needs to be a way to input key variables (location, buy/ rent, min_price, max_price), either through a command prompt or an input file.

The following data needs to be collected :

– Title
– Internal listing number, if available
– Location (name)
– Region (name)
– State (name)
– Location (geo coordinates from google maps)
– Price
– Currency
– Condominio price
– IPTU Price
– m2
– Number of Rooms
– Number of Bath Rooms
– Number of Parking Spots
– Type of Property
– Caracteristicas
– Brokerage which represents this property
– The Brokerages “Creci”
– The Brokerages contact/ whatsapp
– a timestamp when the scrape was done

The script should also be able to recognize duplicates when run multiple times.

In this case, ‘duplicates’ should only be written into the database if something changed about the property (e.g., but not limited to: different prices, different brokerage,… etc.).

If there is not internal listing number/ unique identifier for the listing, one should be generated (e.g. a combination of a number + location; like SP-U-0001)

Please don’t hesitate to clear any doubts with me.

All the best and looking forward to working together.

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