Project Title: Scrape Restaurants Information from Google, Tripadvisor and

Project Description:

We need to scrape information from 347 vegan restaurants in London from and Google.

This is the base of restaurants:

Listing of the data to scrape:

From TripAdvisor:
Company name
Link to the company website
Number of reviews | Rating
Full Address
Nearby Station & distance
Link to Google Maps
Telephone number
Opening hours
Delivery company(-ies)
Link to Delivery
Under “DETAILS”:
Photos (not sure if the content is protected under Copyright)

From Google:
Number of reviews + rating
Reviews from the Web
Health and safety
Order (with links)
Available options
Links to social media

If any info is missing from TripAdvisor, it can be collected here (e.g., telephone number, opening hours, Google maps etc.) or found elsewhere (their website).

We need the data in Excel file, let me know what would be the quote and timeline to complete the task.

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