Project Title: Scrape Roster of Realtors from Remax

Project Description:
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I need to scrape a roster of realtors from and put it into a spreadsheet.

I just need the protocol developed for the sitemap so I can then use it for various States as needed.

The home page allows you to filter Location, Production Awards, etc. I’d like to be able to use that and start the scrape at the resulting page.

Example URL.,luminary%20of%20distinction,chairman%27s%20club,diamond%20club,platinum%20club,titan%20club&languages=English&licensed=1&includeServiceArea=1,luminary%20of%20distinction,chairman%27s%20club,diamond%20club,platinum%20club,titan%20club&languages=English&licensed=1&includeServiceArea=1

I included the “parent” and “child” URLs because it’s important to know how the “child” URL changes.

It helps to determine how to set up the scraper.

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