Project Title: Scrape Sports Betting Odds Daily

Project Description:

I’m looking for someone to scrape sports betting odds daily.

I’m creating a match betting site and I would like to implement the following fixture:

I will have a list of UK bookmakers.

I would like to provide each bookmaker with a few examples of match betting for the coming sports action.

I’m looking to automate the process of providing examples .

Example should be:
1) Main sporting events like English Premier League,Champions Leagues etc .
2) Odds given by bookmaker are compared with available Lay odds on Betfair betting exchange
3) Odds should be in the range of 5.00 to 15.00
4) The difference between bookies back odds and Betfair lay odds should not exceed 0.5. For example bookies odds 6.00 and betfair lay odds 6.4 – it’s acceptable. bookies odds 6.00 and betfair lay odds 6.6 – not acceptable.
5) Odds should be checked regularly and if they moved outside of acceptable range – example is removed.
6) The sample is removed about 15 min before the sporting event goes live.

There is some additional work to be done, but this is the most complex task .

I would discuss extra work providing you can implement this fixture.

Best Regards.

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