Project Title: Scrape Trade Reviews from RatedPeople

Project Description:

I need a web scraping expert to scrape trade reviews from To do this, we will need you to scrape each star rating and the number of reviews for each trade professional listed below, based on every location on the attached list.

The website works by selecting the tradesperson you will need as well as the location. That means for each location we will need you to scrape for the star rating and number of reviews for each of these respective trades:


What tool and/or language do you use for data mining? Are you comfortable sharing your workings?

We would like to see this data aggregated with the average rating and total reviews presented clearly, like the attached example sheet.

Applicants must be fluent in Web scraping (any language) and be comfortable with sharing their code and workings. This is so we can provide evidence as to how we got results if the data is questioned.

Applicants will also need to be fluent in English and be comfortable with basic aggregation and mathematics.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on