Project Title: Scrape Various Industry / Niches from YellowPages Australia

Project Description:

I am looking for someone to work with on an ongoing basis to scrape various Industry / Niches from Yellow Pages Australia.

Website url:

We want to scrape “Lawyers” “All Location” – a list of approx 600,000.

I have attached a copy of some of the output file.

I will be looking to partner with someone to do a lot of these lists for different industries ongoing approx 5 per week. It must be ALL LOCATIONS so it picks up ALL Australian State / Postcodes.

It doesn’t matter if each entry doesn’t have a website and / or email – of the 12,000 Lawyers list approx only 6,000 had email. The more the better though if you are able to enrich the output with as many email as possible that would be a bonus 🙂

Would be looking for someone to generate the list and then remove the duplicates – keeping in as many emails as possible.

Keen to get started straight away.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on