Project Title: Scrape Wine Companies in US from WineIndustryData

Project Description:
I am looking for someone to create an Excel table of wineries throughout the United States.

The search engine can be found at:

If you enter “United States” for “Country” and click “Run Report”, you’ll see the results.

There are ~9,500 results.

I need the following information captured, where available.

primary physical address address
primary physical address county
primary physical address telephone
primary physical address website
primary physical address virtual winery
primary physical address tasting room
primary physical address bonded winery

tasting room address
tasting room county
tasting room picnic area
tasting room kid friendly
tasting room dog friendly
tasting room wedding venue

primary brand annual case production
primary brand average bottle price
primary brand varietals produced
primary brand primary appellations

winegrape information grow grapes
winegrape information vineyard acres
winegrape information varietals grown
winegrape information appellations farmed
winegrape information sells grapes
winegrape information varietals for sale

I have attached a sample record of what I am looking for.

Please get back to me with your price structure. Looking forward to your reply!

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