Project Title: Scraping “Beach Handball” Instagram Data

Project Description:

We need to extract information about “Beach Handball” teams and players on Instagram. You will be given an initial list of “Beach Handball” teams’ and players’ Instagram accounts and information on how to find more. With this you would need to search those Instagram accounts and any additional sources online you can find to get as much of the following information as possible per player/team. Some players have private Instagram accounts.

Player info to find:
– IG username
– clear photo of the player’s face
– full name (first, middle, and last name)
– URL link to IG profile
– Link to Teams player has played for (from Team table below)
– Jersey Numbers

Team info to find:
– IG Username
– Name
– Country team is from
– Image of Jersey
– IG Profile
– Link to players who have played on this team (from Players table above)
– Address (if available)
– website (if available)
– Image of Team Logo

Example team profile:
Example player profile:

As part of your proposal, please include your data scraping process.

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