Project Title: Scraping Beauty Products Information

Project Description:

We need help with scraping two shops.

1. OR

All products in the DB is needed. We have done it before but the data we saved is not so good and some information is missing.

We need this to run on our server on a frequent basis later on (we can set it up as a cron job) so the code for doing the job must be delivered.

Images must be linked directly, 1-5 images.

Label, example: Makeup, Moisturiser, Comb, Brush
Brand, example: Loreal or Estee Lauder
Name, example: Sensual Lipstick
Shade_name, example Vanilla Beige
Shade_Colour(hex – only hex and nothing else!!!!!!)
Description, example Create the appearance of a…”
Price, amount
Volume, example 50ml
Rank, 1-5 according to people like and number of purchases on the platform
Directions, example Dab your face…
Ingredients, (list of ingredients with comma signs between)
Dry_skin (value 0 or 1, 1 is yes)
Oil_based (value 0 or 1, 1 is yes)
Sensitive_skin (value 0 or 1, 1 is yes)
Matte (value 0 or 1, 1 is yes)
Radiant, (value 0 or 1, 1 is yes)
Part of the face(category), name of type of makeup or naming of the facial area (1-12)
Supplier_SKU, example MP-12345

• Toner
• Mirror
• Brightener/Highlighter
• Makeup kit
• Nail polish
• Lip gloss
• Lipstick
• Lip liner
• Foundation
• Eyeliner
• Eye shadow
• Eyebrow
• Lipstick
• Mascara
• Cleanser
• Tanning lotion
• Bronzer
• Moisturizer
• Face cream
• Concealer
• Primer
• Blush
• Brush

This is a pretty quick job if you have done this previously. So scraping is important in your experience.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on